Laser cutting


 Laser cutting TALEX provides laser cutting services. With our experi- ence we can signifi cantly reduce costs in the manufacturing process,through the replication of cut components and metal plating. With our professional approach you are assured that the product you ordered will arrive in the right place at the time and in the exact form of your specifi cation. With our CAD/CAMprograms we can guarantee fast turnaround and high quality at a relatively low price. We use CO2 BYSTRONIC lasers made in Switzerland.In tech- nology processing of materials laser is cutting with oxy- gen (known by burning) and a cut in the cover of nitrogen (known by melting). Laser has a removable table system and is mainly used for cutting metal, but also has the option of marking manufac- tured parts (for identifi cation purposes or to simplify insta llation),engraving,machining materials with coated protec- tive fi lms. For standard machining,Laser cutting allows us to achieve better results.

We can cut

 • black steel

 • stainless steel

 • aluminum

 • plastics Machining, metal shaping and imple- mentation of any steel structure


We provide

 • quality

• time savings = money savings

 • low prices

 • professional help

 • material savings

Our machinery allows us to provide the following services:

 • turning and milling

• welding

• bending

• water cutting

• plasma cutting

• blasting

• wet painting

• powder coating 

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