About us

Since 1990, we are doing our best to meet the expectations of the modern farming customer with machinery manufactured by TALEX. In order to understand the customer, it is necessary to familiarize ourselves with his needs and have a flexible approach - because of this, we are now at the forefront of agricultural machinery manufacturers in Poland.

 25 years of experience has resulted in the production of machines that are reliable, trustworthy and hard-working. Along with our fast response times and superb customer service, this has lead us to customers coming back to us in order to plan further investments and recommend us to others. This is the best distinction in TALEX, as we belive that quality matters.

 Machines manufactured by us are used in agriculture, gardening and municipal facilities. In 2019 we are proud to offer a range of rotary, disc and flail mowers, light mulchers, shredders. tedders, swathers, rakes and sweepers.

 Together with a new project, modern technologies and large investments, we are gradually expanding the range of available products. Our first machine created was the rotary mower in 1996. We introduced many machines during the last 25 years, as we always listen to our customers and respond to the demanding market. We introduced our municipal machines in 2014, rakes in 2017 and a trailed tedder in 2019. This shows that we are constantly expanding.

 Our products are available through all countries of Europe, as well as Ukraine, Russia, USA and Africa. Many of our customers trust us at TALEX and we thank them for loyalty.











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